hello! my name is gene and i am the creator of this website. i am a 17 year old art student/computer enthusiast and this is my personal web haven. i have been interested in art all my life and i hope one day to be a professional artist. i am also very fond of GNU/linux and FOSS and i am hoping to teach myself web development. i've chosen not to take the easy option for this site with something like wix or carrd and write the all the code myself :)

my interests, etc.

i guess i should talk about what interests me, i don't really know where to start or how to structure this, but here i go;

i've always loved late 20th century culture and music and i think that shapes a lot of what i do. i love the different subcultures that evolved off eachother and the individuality culture of it all.

i'm a very nostalgic person, so i also have a love for early internet culture and graphics. i find that there's something so soulful about that era. i'm hoping that this website can reflect that.

i love weird old games as well, like LSD: dream emulator and yume nikki. i love artistic outsider culture in general.

you can read more about the specific games, shows, movies and people that influence me here


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