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recent art dump


i ended up making quite a lot of art during my three month break from this site. i can't really be fucked to make an individual post for every piece, so here's everything in one. these were all done (at least partially) in an a5 sketchbook i got from the dollar store.

this is the most recent out of all of these. i made this by taking a photo of a graphite sketch and painting over it in krita.

this one was an acrylic painting which i enchanced digitally in GIMP.

this was another acrylic painting which i enchanced digitally in GIMP.

another acrylic painting which i enchanced digitally in GIMP. it was originally just a graphite sketch, but i didn't like it so i painted over it. it has a really cool texture in real life but u guys can't feel it through the internet >:(

another acrylic painting which i enchanced digitally in GIMP. this one i just did when i was bored in class and had a song stuck in my head.

another acrylic painting which i enchanced digitally in GIMP. this was the first acrylic portrait in my sketchbook i actually really liked. my sketchbook got soaked exactly 3.5 times by my water bottle leaking in my bag according to the counter on the first page, so that's why it looks wavy.

and lastly, a digital painting i did on magic mushrooms. this one is very special to me.

some digital art


i keep forgetting that i'm a digital artist

more image dithering


this post can be considered a part two to one of my previous. i fucked up some jpegs by playing with 8-bit dithering in GIMP, which was a lot of fun. i ended up going back and making more :D (also, i feel i should clarify that i do not own any of the original images)

another oil portrait


painting is hard but i'm quite pleased with the colours on this one :)

my recent adventures in image manipulation


recently i've been experimenting with fucking up jpegs;

a while ago i read a lainzine article about databending in audacity to create glitched images and it sparked some kind of interest in me. i love the concept of it and it's produced some really cool results. i ended up leaving it for a while because the process confused me slightly and i wasn't able to convert the files back to images from audacity. recently i decided to revisit it.

i ended up watching a random youtube tutorial that was able to simplify the process enough for my puny little mind brain to comprehend and i was able to replicate the process myself :D here are some results;

the process involves importing bitmap images into audacity as raw data and applying a fuckton of effects, the exporting it again as a bmp. there's a lot more to it but if you really want to look into it yourself, you can do so on your own time because i'm too lazy to explain and i still don't fully understand the ins and outs of the process.

here's another image i glitched except i applied a few of my own edits in GIMP;

another thing i've been doing recently is 8-bit dithering in GIMP. this process involves changing the image mode to indexed and messing around with some of the settings involved with that. here are some examples (they look a bit better up close sorry);

i've created some really neat desktop wallpapers for myself with this and i'm quite pleased. the images i used were mainly old windows xp default wallpapers and LSD dream emulator screenshots.

overall, i would consider this a very fun hobby and i highly recommend looking into it :)

painting is hard


this is an oil portrait i did for school. i haven't worked with oils in around two years now, which is weird to think about. i really enjoy them but i just don't want my room to smell like turpentine.

today, i worked with water-based oils and i feel like it could be a good option for me.

surfing the web-webs (art)


gimme a lil twitter like

a little drawing i did in class to portray my better experiences on the internet.

a sketchbook page


like this on twitter :D

if i'm being perfectly honest, i haven't been drawing as much as i'd like to lately, but this is a page in my sketchbook that i painted over in krita.