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painting is hard


this is an oil portrait i did for school. i haven't worked with oils in around two years now, which is weird to think about. i really enjoy them but i just don't want my room to smell like turpentine.

today, i worked with water-based oils and i feel like it could be a good option for me.

some cool links :)


time for a generic link dump

gifcities - geocities gif archive

funky chickens - old html guide

88x31 gif collection - page stamps

unixsheikh - a bunch of articles and tutorials

web design museum - cool old web design

the old net - more old web

1mb club - sites less than 1mb

lissa explains it all - old html guide

oddities - weird/old games

jspaint - old mspaint in your browser

manga artbooks - manga artbooks

ani-cli - script that lets you watch anime from your terminal

searx.space - list of searx instances

surfing the web-webs (art)


gimme a lil twitter like

a little drawing i did in class to portray my better experiences on the internet.

a sketchbook page


like this on twitter :D

if i'm being perfectly honest, i haven't been drawing as much as i'd like to lately, but this is a page in my sketchbook that i painted over in krita.

my favourite songs


this post will be updated periodically

hyakugojyuuichi 2003 - lemon demon

drugs drugs drugs - tonetta

i go to sleep - the kinks

these foolish things - bryan ferry

the celtic soul brothers - dexys midnight runners

jordan, that was savage - whimper

cracked actor - david bowie

when the sun shines down on me - daniel johnston

excentrifugal forz - frank zappa

fat brain - gezebelle gaburgably

the way things are - fiona apple

i hate the internet, but i love it


if you couldn't already tell by this absolute menace of a website, i was raised online. i was first given my own laptop when i was 8 years old and it was a windows xp laptop (which was obsolete, even at the time). it was gifted to me for free by my dad's colleague. for a while, all i used it to do was draw shitty my little pony (everyone in my class liked my little pony im not perculiar) fanart on ms paint.

one day my friend introduced me to a website named scratch where you could make your own video games. i thought that this concept was so incredibly cool and i signed up that evening. thus, i was plunged into the magnetic culture of the online world. since then, it's consumed me.

without a question, i am addicted to the internet. the question is, "do i like the internet?" and the answer is no. i hate the endless mindlessness it breeds and the mind numbing algorithms that are all too present. i hate soulless web design that's bloated with javascript and the lost souls of web devs that runs the web. i hate the cycle of information being gathered and sold and used to make you more addicted and i hate the echo chambers it breeds.

although the internet is a safe haven for me and a great place for me to spread my art and express my creativity, i am aware that the way the internet is moderated makes it extremely unlikely for it to actually aid me in making art a career. it's completely changed the way creatives find a name for themselves. it's just kind of sad.

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