as a person, i consume a lot of media. here are some of the things that inspire/influence me and my work.

music: the kinks, t. rex, the garden, beck, ween, interpol, joy division/new order, csny, buffalo springfield, bryan ferry, the byrds, the flying burrito brothers, les rallizes denudes, daniel johnston, the velvet underground, frank zappa, captain beefheart, lemon demon, laura les, gezebelle gaburgably, lee hazlewood, madness, loose tapestries, the cure, rodriguez, the rolling stones, tom waits, david bowie, the pretty things, SOPHIE, siouxxie, goreshit, nightcore, team mekano, osamu sato, sewerslvt, leonard cohen, the modern lovers, negative xp, the sex pistols, the monkees, tonetta

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shows: the mighty boosh, the IT crowd, a very english scandal, the good place, luxury comedy, grandma's house, serial experiments lain, neon genesis evangelion, salad fingers, the monkees, the young ones

comedians: noel fielding, simon amstell, russell brand, john mulaney, bo burnham

movies: performance, velvet goldmine, the runaways, the stanford prison experiment, rocky horror picture show, benjamin, psych-out, head, perfect blue, the perks of being a wallflower, searching for the sugar man, stoned (the wild and wycked world of brian jones)

games: lsd dream emulator, yume nikki, we love karamari, mysims for DS, hatsune miku: project diva, doom, space funeral, ib, the crooked man, discover my body, eastern mind: the lost souls of tong nou, sally face, neko yume, flesh blood & concrete, doki doki literature club, the museum of anything goes