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getting into retro game emulation


i feel like i missed out on a lot of the nostalgia that a lot of people my age have towards older video games as i was never really allowed to play them, but as a linux user and enjoyer of weird/surreal/obscure media, retro games and emulation are a goldmine. lucky for me, linux is pretty much top of the emulation software game.

it all started when i discovered lsd dream emulator through coming across some screenshots on pinterest during the days before i got into cybersecurity. this was even before i knew what linux was. it looked like such a fascinating game, yet it was only fully playable on the ps1.

the emulators i currently have installed on my laptop are desmume, duckstation, mame. mednaffe, mgba, m64p, nestopia, pcsx2 and ppsspp. i like to explore a variety of consoles. these emulators are all free and open source.

some games i've really been enjoying as of late are mysims (DS), mario kart (DS), neon genesis evangelion - shito ikusei (bandai wonderswan), pokemon emerald (GBA), fester's quest (NES), monster party (NES), taboo - the sixth sense (NES), stretch panic (PS2), we love katamari (PS2), hatsune miku: project diva (PSP), and the obvious lsd dream emulator (PSX).

i don't really know how to end this entry, but if any of this interests you, i'd highly recommend looking into it. also, apologies for not updating this site for a few months. i've been quite busy with school and other life happenings.i've been neglecting my online presence, but i promise to update more from now on.

interesting RSS feeds


in case you don't know what RSS is, it stands for Really Simple Syndication. it's an XML based web feed that allows you to access updates to websites in a simple format. it's generally used for things like news.

i've discovered that i love it, especially since quitting using social media recreationally. here are some interesting feeds i've discovered;

techlore - tech/cybersecurity news

sizeof(cat) - cybersecurity news

sadgrl.online - rss feed of yesterweb creator, sadgrl

blackgnu - cybersecurity guides

dig deeper - cybersecurity guides

stallman - richard stallman's feed (creator of the GNU project)

slime-net - old/weird web

some cool links :)


time for a generic link dump

gifcities - geocities gif archive

funky chickens - old html guide

88x31 gif collection - page stamps

unixsheikh - a bunch of articles and tutorials

web design museum - cool old web design

the old net - more old web

1mb club - sites less than 1mb

lissa explains it all - old html guide

oddities - weird/old games

jspaint - old mspaint in your browser

manga artbooks - manga artbooks

ani-cli - script that lets you watch anime from your terminal

searx.space - list of searx instances

my favourite songs


this post will be updated periodically

hyakugojyuuichi 2003 - lemon demon

drugs drugs drugs - tonetta

i go to sleep - the kinks

these foolish things - bryan ferry

the celtic soul brothers - dexys midnight runners

jordan, that was savage - whimper

cracked actor - david bowie

when the sun shines down on me - daniel johnston

excentrifugal forz - frank zappa

fat brain - gezebelle gaburgably

the way things are - fiona apple